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  • Who is WeGetFinancing?

    WeGetFinancing is a real time Purchase Finance Gateway that enables consumers who are in the process of making purchases either at their favorite participating merchants' websites, or brick and mortar locations, to obtain instant financing under the best possible terms from numerous lending sources.

  • Why does WeGetFinancing ask for the last 4 digits of my Social Security Number and Date of Birth?

    WeGetFinancing's patented state-of-the-art technology identifies, verifies, and refers applicants within seconds to the appropriate participating financing sources. In most cases, the only information the applicant will need to provide are his/her name, address, date of birth and the last four digits of his/her social security number. Based on the applicant's credit profile and the amount of the purchase, some participating lenders may require additional information such as the applicant's annual income, employment status and length of time at the current residence. Occasionally, they may require to be provided with information contained in the applicants' state issued Driver's License and ask for his/her checking account information.

  • Why do you ask questions such as if I rent or own a home, Annual Salary, Employment Status, Last 4 digits of SSN?

    Obtaining this information enables the participating lenders to quickly make a credit decision based on their current underwriting policies, as well as determine the amount of credit that they are able to offer to you to complete your purchase.

  • Why was I prompted to provide my checking account information?

    Sometimes, WeGetFinancing's lenders need more information about your financial situation to evaluate your application and to assure that you have a valid and in good standing bank account. WeGetFinancing may ask you for your checking account, which will help the lenders in determining your ability to repay your loan or lease. WeGetFinancing does not store your banking information.

    Providing your checking account DOES NOT authorize WeGetFinancing to debit your account. It only allows its lenders to further eliminate the risk of fraud and determine your ability to pay.

  • Why was my identity not verified properly?

    WeGetFinancing verifies the information provided against a multitude of extremely reputable third party data providers, as well as a state of the art anti-fraud technology platform designed to protect your identity and prevent identity theft and fraudulent transactions. For best results we recommend that you provide your full legal name, use the same billing and shipping address and avoid using a PO Box.

  • Does applying for WeGetFinancing affect my credit score?

    You will not see an enquiry on your credit report from WeGetFinancing. Please be aware that in order to properly verify your identity and refer your application to the most appropriate participating lenders, WeGetFinancing does verify your credit information through a credit bureau. However, that credit verification is a soft dip, hence invisible by others than you and engineered not to affect your credit score. It is important to note however that some lenders on the WeGetFinancing platform will verify your credit independently from WeGetFinancing and that in order to qualify you for financing, that they will pull a hard verification on your credit which might negatively affect your credit score.

  • Do you store any personal information or my credit history?

    Some of your information is indeed stored and is used only to verify your identity and credit profile at the time of your original and subsequent financing applications. For more details concerning the information stored by WeGetFinancing, please refer to our Privacy policy.

  • Why was my loan/credit offer rejected?

    Although a high percentage of financing requests are approved through the WeGetFinancing Gateway, because of the diversity of requirements from the lenders and the broad spectrum of applicants' profiles, not all applications can be guaranteed approval. We strive to approve as many applicants as possible and in order to do so WeGetFinancing is adding more lenders to its platform on a regular basis. While you might have been declined today, please try again later as a lender that could approve you might have been added to the list of participating lenders at a later date.

  • Can WeGetFinancing point out the part of my credit profile which caused the adverse decision from the lenders?

    Due to Privacy Laws, WeGetFinancing is not able to access this information. You can however contact the Credit Bureaus listed on the FCRA letter (decline letter/email) you have received stating that an offer of credit was not available to you at this time either due to your current credit status or information that could not be verified. You can also contact the lender/bank directly.

  • Why is my loan still processing?

    Your application for financing may be in a "Pending Mode" state with some lenders while their underwriters finalize your verification. Some lenders won't finalize your financing until the merchants are ready to ship your item(s). The merchant will let you know when your purchase has been finalized and ready to ship.

  • How can I reapply?

    In order to reapply, you will need to return to the merchant's web site or physical store and try your transaction once again. Be sure to enter all information correctly and use your full legal name.

  • Who are the lenders?

    In order to cover the full credit spectrum and to offer loans of varying amounts to most consumers, WeGetFinancing works with numerous and diverse lending sources. WeGetFinancing participating lenders range from large financial institutions, to private lenders and specialty finance companies. If you qualify, one or more of those lenders may offer you instant financing to enable you to pay for your purchase. Should you choose to accept the offered financing, you will have a repayment obligation to that particular bank or lender. You will be provided with the name(s) of the lender(s) for which you have been pre-qualified at the time the offer(s) is presented to you. You will then be required to agree to their Terms and Conditions as well as the Truth in Lending terms in order for the application to be processed.

  • What are the WeGetFinancing terms that I am required to agree to?

    When seeking a loan or credit to complete your purchase through WeGetFinancing you must provide certain personal and uniquely identifiable information and then expressly "agree" to the Terms and Conditions provided at the time of your application. By agreeing to the WeGetFinancing Terms and Conditions, you are granting WeGetFinancing the right to seek credit on your behalf.You can review these terms and conditions

  • How do I find the Phone Number and Contact Information of the lender who provided me with financing?

    You will find the lender's customer service phone number either in the email confirmation that was sent to you by the lender at the time of approval, or on your monthly statement. Alternatively, you can call WeGetFinancing's Customer Service at 1-866-298-3757 and we will provide you with that information.

  • How is WeGetFinancing paying the merchant for my purchase?

    If you were approved for financing, the lender will settle directly with the merchant and you will be able to take your purchase home immediately. If shopping online, you will receive the item(s) you purchased in accordance with the shipping arrangements you selected with the merchant at the time of your purchase. If you were approved by one of our peer to peer lenders, the funds will be credited directly to your bank account and you will need to make payment arrangements with the merchant directly.

  • How do I find out the status of my purchase?

    Once you have completed your checkout and confirmed the financing with the participating lender, WeGetFinancing will authorize your purchase with the merchant for processing. Please contact the merchant for any updates on the status of your purchase.

  • I want to cancel/return the item that I purchased using WeGetFinancing. What should I do?

    WeGetFinancing's return/cancellation policy is either 30 days from the day of purchase or based on the merchant's order return and cancellation policy; whichever comes first. To check the merchant's return policy, kindly check the merchant's web site or contact the merchant directly for assistance. In the event that you are not able to arrive to a resolution with the merchant, you should contact the credit issuer and ask for procedures on how to start a dispute or charge back.

  • Can I use the WeGetFinancing multi-lenders programs if I am not a US citizen?

    WeGetFinancing's multi-lenders credit programs only work for U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary residents legally living in the USA with a valid working social security number.

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